Wednesday, January 3, 2007

MS Pro Duo recorder rul3z!

Remember Hori's MS Pro Duo recorder? Which never got popular and remained as a prosumer item. In one of my trips to Asia last year, I met the owner of Hori's factory who produced this recorder for them. He gave me a good shape proto of his that was simpler w/o the remote, he asked me to use it, if I like then push it to my channels, I tried, there was considerable interest but becuase it couldn't be properly priced and some other logistics concerns it never was picked up as an ongoing product. But I use it very often myself, sits next to my digital cable box and it's a one touch recording of any video & audio feed, then into my PSP or PS3 or both. Since resolution is meant for PSP; image is a bit pixalated on big screen but for recording ur fav TV show, it's just great!