Thursday, January 4, 2007

A new breed of Wii accidents: Wii Fart

It's true that ever since Wii has arrived things have changed in my place. First I had to rearrange all the furniture and screen position to accommodate players, putting them in a wider, safer space. Femmes who kept nagging about our gaming time before suddenly changed tune and wouldn't let the Wiimote go now. But I want to point out something else that started with the Wii. I call them the Wii farts, u know, in the excitement of the game, you're trying to do your best and then suddenly a short burst of fart escapes you just when you swing your controller. If it happened once or trice I'd have called it coincidence but in numerous incidents in which even the cutest of the butts, that you'd think is completely silent, rips a Wii fart, causing giggles, finger pointing, red red faces. Never happened to me of course, I rarely fart, and when I do, mine is mighty quiet & odorless :P