Wednesday, January 17, 2007

PS3 Controller Mod

Law mods his PS3 controller and replaces the top housing with his antique red PS1 controller top... Result:

- Port assignment red LEDs lights up the whole top housing creating a nice effect

- Semi-transparant finish gives the controller a more techy look

- He has a unique PS3 controller

Though seem easy; this mod is not for faint of heart; it has couple complications that need careful execution and attention to detail.

First: To create the PS button opening on the PS1 controller top housing (requires a handheld rotary tool and lots of patience)

Second: Trimming certain plastic parts on the inside for utmost fit (luckily the screw holes allign very well)

This mod will also remind you that your rumble has been taken away from you; damn you Immersion!

For detailed how to info hit Law at: