Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paper Thin Lighting

Check out this electroluminescent light module and imagine the possibilities. The way it glows is that each cell has a phosphor ink compound and you apply a certain current.

A good application could be to make a funky dance pad for DDR to light up your dance floor 70s disco style. The below pad is from carbon Flux and it does light up yes but also sets you back $500 plus it's one ginormous pad.

Pocket Projectors

Pocket projectors are pretty cool and becoming a consumer item. Wait few more years and you'll be attaching them to your phone and such.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

PSP Phone

Sony announced Skype for PSP during CES. You can use standard PSP headset to make Skype calls; PSP to PSP or PC is free. PSP to landline is $29.99 a year and you get a unique number for your PSP. I thought about this concept for PSP2000; I know it will make you look like an uber geek but still if PSP is becoming a phone; this is how you hold a phone.

Garage GT Driving Rig

I've seen similar ones at CES but I'd like to show you my friend Cenk's (GarageGT) driving sim set up. Recaro seat, custom frame and 360 wireless wheel. Still has some stability issues but overall it's a great set up in front of a 150" curtain. A mass market product should have a sturdy frame where you can attach your wheel but where do you store it? Makes me think of those home excersize equipments where you can place them under the couch after you're done. At that point it's up to you if you want to buy a Recaro seat or just use your good ol La-Z-Boy.

Porsche Design Radio

Porsche design AM/FM radio.

Logitech Keyboard

Logitech Universal Wireless Keyboard; perfect for Windows Media Center and Playstation 3.

Belkin Tune Dock Groped

Remember the Belkin Tune Dock I blogged during last year's CES; it was behind the glass. This year it was up and running and I had a chance to pla with it. It's a brilliant device which let's you mix tunes from your iPod and adjust all the adjustables of sound. It will sell for $199.99 and it worths every penny. Furthermore; I learned that the company that produce this item for Belkin is one of my company's vendors. I met them over at CES also and they are one of the best vendors I've ever encountered. Kepp up the good work guys.

RF Tank in Action

Found a Korean company in the dark corners of the Asian pavillion. They came up with a unique wireless chipset which lets the user to control this "tank" with your Playstation controller. Tank operates in 75" range and complete with a motorized camera on top. These guys are my new best friends. This product must be a mass market one. It'd be fun to play with it.

Gift for Grandpa

Can you imagine grandpa chasing aftet you in the frozen food section with one of these; sheesh

Lebedev Delivered

Art Lebedev, talented Russian designer; been pitching the Optimus keyboard for almost 5 years now. It has been a pretty image on the paper for a long time but first time this CES we were able to touch the actual thing. Lebedev's keyboard features a small OLED screen for each key on this full QWERTY keyboard and you can customize it with your PC or via memory card slot. Will set you back $1500; yikes.

Note: Met Lebedev at his booth and he tells me he'd like to make a gaming version with less keys. Hmm...

Wireless Charging is Real

Wildcharge got an innovations award with the first wireless chaging pad. It'll charge any handheld with Li-Ion and Ni-Mh batteries wirelessly; you just need to place the handheld on the pad and it'll trickle charge. Amazing technology and destined to be very widespread. This model will sell for $99.99

Saturday, January 5, 2008

CES Time of the year

Here we go again. Consumer Electronics Show is starting Monday. I am going to skip the first day madness and fly in Tuesday as usual. I am planning to spend more time at Sands expo where I spotted increased number of up and coming Japanese & Taiwanese companies in gaming last year. I am also interested in realtime digital HD recording, plasma fual cells, flexible displays and new bright LEDs, flat SMD lighting. It would be nice to go check out the laser TV at the Mitsubishi booth too.