Sunday, February 24, 2008

Garage GT is Home!

GarageGT has moved to its new location in San Diego and it's looking better than ever. New place is 4 or 5 times the old location and it can hold 12 cars while 6-7 of them are being worked on. This place used to be the Ferrari showroom so it came preloaded with a long list of coolness such as the checkered flooring, great lighting and a racing theme in general, fitting GarageGT's image perfectly.

In other good news for this premium JDM tuner; the MIG Supra project is complete and Cenk's first car (once his daily driver) is up and running and with a big roar. Naturally it's not street legal but this monster car done up with all mods one can imagine is most likely the fastest drag Supra in SoCal with apprx 1200hp under its hood. To see GarageGT project cars in action in Laguna Seca or Streets of Willow; goto

Cenk did it up inside the lounge / showroom area as well and prepared a comfortable and fun place to spend your time while your car is becoming faster, more reliable and most importantly; unique! The lounge room features a large flat screen so you can watch Option DVDs or play GranTurismo on a PS3.

GarageGT became the best tune shop in San Diego in just 5 years and well on its way to be the best shop ever as it promises quality workmanship and a tasteful character for your ride. Congratulations!