Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snake Cam for PSP

If you had a 3rd eye where would you want it? I am telling you; although you'd look charismatic with one on your forehead; I'd probably prefer one on my finger tip. This way, I can peak at the corners, slide under doors, do all the SWAT perv stuff one can imagine. Now that the PSP camera is out in the market and it's pretty much doing nothing for Sony; maybe it's time for ProsumeThis to redesign it for them. Check out my snake cam for PSP; it is a camera at the end of a flex cable and complete with 2 tiny flash lights to shed light to dark places.

I have to tell you that I was inspired by a new Metal Gear Solid character, Laughing Octopus, while thinking this camera. Obviosly Kojima was inspired by Doc Oc but she looks way cooler than him. So as a side note; in the new Metal Gear game Snake has to deal with these 4 monsters that were once woman. Laughing Octopus is one of them.