Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wii Fit US Edition?

Wii Fit has hit Japan sometime ago and sold a million units in couple weeks. This Nintendo branded scale is targeting Wii players with who wants to be concious of their physique and entertain themselves with mini games or step exercises. We have been waiting for a Europe and US release date for the peripheral which has been finally made public today. Accordingly, Europe will have the Wii Fit on April 25th and US release is on May 19th. Now get this; a very reliable source working on licensed accessories for Nintendo told me that the US release of the scale is pushed back because Nintendo had to adjust the very precise mechanics of the balance board to be able to handle 400lb on the US version vs the maximum 300lb limit on the Japanese version. Speaks pretty damn loud. Shame on Nintendo for not doing their homework. 70% of the population is overweight here.