Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let the milking of GranTurismo fans begin. Prologue is hitting shelves on April 15th for $39.99; it can also be downloaded for the same price. I've been playing the game for couple months now but there was a catch. I tricked a PS3 console in thinking it resides in Tokyo and downloaded the Japanese version; it was a bitch to get thru the JP screens though; now we can play it properly.

What should you expect from this Prologue to the GT5 game which is coming in Xmas?
- 60 cars: (don't worry the GT-R and EVO X GSR are there) - 6 tracks (London & Suzuka are my fav)
- Drift Mode
- Tuning on the fly
- Up to 16 player online
- This new cockpit view

Since these games started to look insanely realistic, I think now it's up to the hardware to allow the user to experience real driving feel. Logitech wheels are good built but not on coffee tables they don't feel realistic. We can tuck a giant home exercise rig under the couch, Prosumers everywhere need driving rigs to attach their wheels too; so they can tuck that under the couch when they're done driving. They need precise adjustment features on their gaming controller and they need 1080p TVs to experience these games in full resolution. If GT5 is going to make you say "enough; I am getting a PS3" and assume you have an old ass TV set; let's see what you need to shell out: PS3 $500 + 1080p display (say 32") $700 + Game $100 (Prologue + GT5) + Logitech Wheel $200 = $1500 + tax

You can go and buy a used Nissan 300ZX with that cash vs driving the simulation GT-R below but you wouldn't now would you?