Monday, April 7, 2008

Behold! The Metal Gear Headset

It's in production and it is on shelves by the game launch on June 12th.

Been working with contacts over at Konami and manufacturers in Asia to develop the licensed Metal Gear accessories for several months now. You are looking at the Solid Works renderings of the licensed headset which is being mass manufactured right now and will be available at game launch for $59.99.

It's a 2.0 Bluetooth headset with built in battery for PS3 as and it will also sync up with other BT compatible handsets.

- 8 hrs talk time

- 160 hrs standby

- 30' range

- Auto shut off

- Auto sync

I like the XBox360 headset. I like it because it's a solid gaming headset; I like the silicone loop; it's comfortable to wear. I like the oversized speaker cover with soft foam that sits on your ear rather than going in it to collect your ear wax. Industrial design was inspired by one of the MGS4 gizmos that Snake will use to gather intel in the game. It's the extension of his Solid Eye system where he can peek at his enemies with this camera on wheels. If you have a solid eye, notice this headset and go buy it in June.