Thursday, July 30, 2009

Travel Mac

Wow! I did not only had the best vacation of my life, I probably had the best Turkish vacation anyone ever had. 3 weeks duration helped, plenty of time for family, friends and the blue waters. I don't think I had a single dull day, Started with an international music festival and bliss on tab in Istanbul continued on a blue voyage in cool Mediterranean waters. When I close my eyes, I can still recall the olive, oregano and fine tobacco scents as I sit in this Hong Kong airport lounge.

On a tech note for quite a non-tech vacey; I've been in 7 different airports in the last month and countless places that I've been online before. Had some web activity mostly for navigation and I realized all I had to do was to open my MacBook and we were on. No questions asked, no set up needed. My Mac remembered everywhere it has been and didn't second guess. Makes me think; if IT guys are like doctors in the PC world, in a Mac world they'll probably be the first ones to lay off in a pinch. Macs let you learn and discover other things in tech while letting you take an easy set up for granted.

Go to Turkey, go to Gocek, light a candle at night, you'll see your entire future ahead of you.