Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad = iFail?

So about 2 years after I blogged my version of the Apple tablet the iPad is here and it's definitely less than what I was expecting. OK, I know that hoping for a decent core processor in there was naive but I don't like the following either:
- No multitasking
- No flash
- No widescreen
Heck even the above mockery image is more capable than iPad being able to run 4 apps simultaneously and all.
Regardless, I'll have one on day 1 because I got to invent stuff for it. Mei ban fa!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Concept: Wii Wall Mount

My Wii stand concept not only looks good but solves problems.
This is a vertical wall mount system for the Nintendo Wii console that is designed for minimalist homes where you don't have traditional entertainment centers but just your TV on the wall. CDs are loaded from top therefore the cables point towards the floor which are also hidden behind the tower so no messy wiring visible. The tower is in two parts as top section serves as game storage, the bottom portion houses controllers and with a modular mechanism can store charging docks for your Wii remotes.

Shorts from Separation: Jean Michael Clarisse

He wanted to store all his digital data within. Surgeons implanted expandable SSDs into his body and an I/O on his arm. He kept updating his records as he wished and carried all his favorite music and movies inside him. At a later upgrade he was built in wifi and was sending and receiving data at will. There were no reported medical complications

Hong Kong Toy Fair

This was the best toy I saw at this show. An RC helicopter with a gyro for enhanced stability, proximity sensors for collision detection and rocket launchers that shoot rubber darts; sweet.

Dances with Avatars

Watched Avatar finally and as expected it was indeed Dances with Wolves in space. Visuals are excellent and all but what saddens me is with hundreds of millions poured into such productions they don't choose to produce an original script. I guess applying an Oscar winning formula is just safer.