Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wireless DJ

Last month in Thailand, during a pool party, I experimented with wireless music. We did have a traditional DJ set up too but I wanted to give a shot to this new iPad app I have called; the Djay. This is the first proper DJ app that lets the user to work with his/her own music. Streaming to an AppleTV-2 via AirPlay and then into the mixer.

Additionally, I had two sets of Audio-engine AW1 wifi receiver and transmitters. These little guys can transmit audio signal over 150 meters without any noticeable lag. How we used them?

While the main channel is playing a song which everybody is listening, I gave these transmitters to friends who had audio effect or percussion apps on their iPads or iPhones. They plugged the AW1s to the 3.5mm audio port and joined to the music from other channels becoming wireless instruments. I want to see it in clubs where talented people can contribute to the sound.