Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alien Tech?

I used to ride bicycles. My need to move faster and reach farther in my adulthood changed that. Yet if this University of New Mexico project by Steven Mora becomes real I might get on the bike again. It just looks out of this world.

Mix and Match

Draw this recently as tribute to my old Technics set up back in San Diego. I am planning to put it on canvas as a three piece set.

UPDATE: Here it is on canvas.

Electronics as Product Design Elements

PCB, a printed circuit board, is where the electronic components inside your daily gadgets reside. You have seen one before and it was most likely in green color. Lately I broke some ground in China by making custom color boards. No one has done this before because the PCB is not necessarily a design element. Well, I made it one. Here are some of my new PCBs with matching LEDs inside a clear housing game controller.