Monday, September 22, 2014

For Tom

Hello Tom,
I hope you're having a good day in San Diego and the jetlag from your last week's trip to Europe is not too hard on you. During my trip in Taiwan, I am actually planning to stay in US time zone. It'll be hard during the day but I decided it doesn't make sense to try and adjust here only to do it again next week when I am back.
Anyways. How do you like reading like this? The current speed you are reading is 300 words per minute. With this type of reading, everyone will have an optimal zone for speed. I thought 300wpm was challenging but I was able to keep up. Pretty decent right?
I came across this speed reading method while I was thinking about Delphi. This could be a way to communicate messages to Delphi users. Perhaps we can make this a part of the demo when we talk about Delphi's capabilities. Perhaps users can add websites and books to their library and instead of trying to navigate them on a small screen, they read them like this.
Hope you enjoy this.
Have a nice day.