Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SneakBook for PSP or DSL

Reading is good for you kids; but video games are even better for you! They improve your analitical thinking and help you make quick decisions under pressure. For example: look at this perfect justification I just came up with. The fact is that video games will teach you stuff you'll definately need once you grow up. Your parents or your teachers will not embrace this truth so quickly. So, let them think you're reading with this cool invention. You can rock your handheld games with this playthru "case" and keep your games and accessories safe from harm. Optional sleeves include Mein Kampf, Idiot's Guide to Video Games & Thomas More's Utopia

UPDATE: Well, I got some bad news; we blatantly pitched this concept in a product development meeting and it got shot down like a Kurdish chopper in Northern Iraq. We've even dreamed up a stylus in disguise of a highlighter for the Nintendo DS version. O well, it's not going to be a mass market item just yet; not every author was understood from get go; maybe it was the book covers that turned the execs off; hmm; now kids; while we figure out a way to re-pitch this; find a book and an exacto knife, you'll know what to do next.