Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh NoEss!

Many GT-R sightings since I arrived my new town but I wasn't expecting to see a totaled one. Brought tears to my eyes

Golden Center

There are many benefits to living in Hong Kong but my favorite is a place called Golden Center. This is actually a district known for small electronics shops. These are literally 10 feet square tiny shops cramped in multi level labyrinths, one after another, look so similar yet each so different. This is where you get the bottom dollar in electronics and all the crazy little gadgets that never make it to Best Buys nowhere.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I see fat people

It's called HAL (Human Assistive Limb) and it will cost you $4500 starting from October. Developped by Cyberdine (the real one, not the Terminator fantasy) it has already started to show up on Tokyo streets. HAL is about 25kg in weight but will boost your muscle power upto 10 tiger more so you can run around, carry groceries and beat the crap out of that bully effortlessly. As glorious as the future looks on exo-skeletons, I see a lot of people getting addicted to laziness artificial muscles will offer.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Shorts from Separation: Doreen Styles

An artist who lost her left eye in an accident 5 years earlier. A tera-pixel digital camera was successfully implanted in her eye socket and wired to her receptors. She asked for sephia lens option as well as a zoom in feature. She saw the world much differently after this. At a later upgrade she was given digital solid state memory which was connected parallel to her bionic eye as Doreen wanted to record everything she saw from that point on. As Times Magazine’s human of the year, she let the way for many others that followed her path.

How Slim is PS3 Slim

When PS2 slim launched it was 75% smaller than the original PS2 - Now looking at the PS3 slim; it is only 33% smaller than the original PS3 and although shoter, it is in fact wider than the old model. I think I'll stick with my Original 60, MGS and Ceramic White PS3s. Regardless, Sony says their manufacturing costs are down 75% and the price went down to $300. For this price you're buying a blu-ray player and the most capable game console out there. It just became a sweeter deal.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Travel Mac

Wow! I did not only had the best vacation of my life, I probably had the best Turkish vacation anyone ever had. 3 weeks duration helped, plenty of time for family, friends and the blue waters. I don't think I had a single dull day, Started with an international music festival and bliss on tab in Istanbul continued on a blue voyage in cool Mediterranean waters. When I close my eyes, I can still recall the olive, oregano and fine tobacco scents as I sit in this Hong Kong airport lounge.

On a tech note for quite a non-tech vacey; I've been in 7 different airports in the last month and countless places that I've been online before. Had some web activity mostly for navigation and I realized all I had to do was to open my MacBook and we were on. No questions asked, no set up needed. My Mac remembered everywhere it has been and didn't second guess. Makes me think; if IT guys are like doctors in the PC world, in a Mac world they'll probably be the first ones to lay off in a pinch. Macs let you learn and discover other things in tech while letting you take an easy set up for granted.

Go to Turkey, go to Gocek, light a candle at night, you'll see your entire future ahead of you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Transformers DS Stuff

Next Wednesday the new Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen, is coming out and it is significant event for me as the DS products I designed and developed will hit the markets the same day. This DS kits include a protective case and a character stylus and it is available in Megatron and Bumblebee at launch where buyers have a choice to get the stylus by itself also. Developing these was quite a long road where my company had to seek countless approvals in many stages both from Hasbro and Nintendo but the end result in my opinion worth all the pain and suffering. I worked with a great factory that gets toys and painting very well and kudos to my sculptor Denis Carratala for bringing the concept out to the model. Take a look at Megatron stylus becoming.

Where is PSPGo Going?

Sony says current PSP is going to be an ongoing product and PSPGo is a complimentary item on shelves but I don't really buy this. I believe once PSPGo hits the market this October the old PSP is a goner. I got a chance to play with the new model PSP at E3 earlier this month and it's pretty solid. Eversince my iPhone got great games I am questioning the need for another handheld gaming gadget though. PSPGo is missing a camera and that second analog stick everyone was bitching about.