Saturday, March 13, 2010

Magnetic Levitation

I heard Albert Einstein said if he had 100 years more to live he'd study only on magnetism. I love magnets too especially when they are strong enough to levitate stuff of my interest. This is a new method of POP display I spotted at a Hong Kong show but it would be glorious if it was a charger too. You know? An induction charger that floats the gadgets too.

Two Simple iPad Product Concepts

My best ideas surface after I hold the device but for now I can think of 2 basic homerun products for the Apple iPad.

That screen will be just awesome to sketch on. A pen with a capacitative tip would be a good tool for designers.
iPad needs to be carried around. A leash to make that simpler might be useful too.

Steampunk Cellphone

Micro mechanical mechanisms on a modern device: Good.
The fact that these mechanisms can only move the arms of the clock: Bad.
300K price tag for a flipping cell phone: That's just ugly.
Yet I am intrigued that the Stempunk lives on in Celcius X.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hakan Pehlivan Oils Up for SFIV

When I suggested Ikeno-san from Capcom to make a badass Turkish character for Street Fighter:
  1. I was just trying to make conversation
  2. I wasn't particularly thinking of an oil wrestler but more an Istanbul style street fighter who fights a bit dirty, head butts unexpectedly etc.
Regardless; here's Hakan Pehlivan, second major Turkish video game character after MGS' Big Boss.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Macro Art: The Tune Valley

Close up of a single groove of a vinyl record. Magnified 1000x.